Alex Comisar


Kids usually have a pretty good idea what they want to be when they grow up. An astronaut, doctor, vet, or super hero are common, but from an early age Alex dreamed about running a restaurant. Hooked at the sight of his father working in their family restaurant, Alex sought nothing else. His goal of one day owning his own restaurant has finally come to fruition. Now he can share his love for good food and great hospitality. Lets eat!

Johnny Coast


While Vermont may not seem like the home state for someone that loves international travel, Johnny is an exception. After wandering the earth in his 20’s, he landed in Denver and brought a taste for the exotic. Johnny was motivated by a continued desire to explore the world through food, drink and conversation. The restaurant life was an obvious choice.

Johnny and his partner believe that Slotted Spoon should not only be delicious, healthy, and fun but also bring a dose of what’s great about home and abroad—local ingredients with global inspiration. Go meatballs!